New Years Resolutions.

Hey,first blogpost of 2017! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I feel like having New Years resolution is so overrated but I do it every year without avail. The thing about New Years resolutions is that you forget half the list of things you eanted to accomplish half way through the year, or at least I do and then you haven’t exactly done what you set out to do. This year I’m planning on sticking to them and working hard to keep up with everything ( definitely don’t say that every year) and I feel like writing a blog post about what I want to do will help with mainting it.

1. Spend less money 

Okay, first on my New Years resolutions list is to spend less money on useless things. I basically spent the whole of last year forking out cash on things I didn’t really need or use which was a waste, most of my money actually went on food when I could’ve ate at home and saved a £5 to put to something work while.

2. Do more stuff with the girls

Last year, I went through a difficult time and had to switch up friendship groups because my old friends just weren’t what I needed in my life anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them and we still talk they just weren’t the right people for me. The people I’m friends with now are so supportive of each other, we all look out for one another and respect each other which I think is important. So my goal this year is to do more things with them like cute little movie nights every so often or going out for a cheeky Nandos just to keep all together.

3. Eat Healtheir and go to the gym

I know, I know this is everyone’s resolution but I’m giving it a whirl. This isn’t like “I’m never going to eat McDonald’s again” because that would be a crime, I basically fund the franchise. This is just eating healthier meals more often then I did last year and still having the occasional unhealthy meals. Going to gym is also something I want to give a try,but I’m going to work at my own pace and do my own thing otherwise I know I’m going to hate it and that’s not what I want. Who knows I might take a liking to gym time?  

4.Be more organised 

Anyone who knows me knows I’m the biggest procrastinator, I lave things till the very last minute and then get a stress on because everything piles on. This is my GCSE year, I need to get my head on straight and knuckle down because if I don’t exam results day isn’t going to be fun. 4 months isn’t long when you think about it, time flies when you’re walking towards the pits of tons of exam papers, no sleep and tears of despair. At least if I’m organised, my life won’t seem as messy and I’ll be able to do get things I need done and have fun.

5. Go on more trips

2016 was boring for me, I had this idea that I was going to do so much more and it never happens so this year I actually want to do stuff like go to concerts or spend days out in different areas of the UK. I absolutely hate staying in one place, it bores me. The four main things I want to do is to go to see more people in concert because I love concerts and live music so much . To go to festivals, something I’ve been dying to do for ages and just haven’t been able to but I’m hoping this year I will- Also have you seen the line up for Coachella it looks sick. Why wasn’t I born rich and in LA?I want to spend a week in London or Newquay with a few friends after my exams are done and during the summer before college starts. And the last is jsut little trips to like Blackpool Pleasre Beach, Doncaster Dome, shopping in Leeds and stuff like that. I think Hull is stepping up its game a little bit here with the City Of Culture thing.

5. Love yourself 

I think I need to focus more on myself this year and do things that will make me happy rather than doing what everyone else is doing. Like make time for your friends and family but have a little me time too. Sleep in,don’t change out of your pyjamas for three days.Me times, good time. The whole “new year, new me” thing has never really appealed to me. I’ve seen a lot of “this is Year of self love” on my Twitter and I 100% agree. All I’m going to say is be you and love you. I’m going to do more for myself to make this year better. Who cares what other people think? In the words of Labrinth “Express yourself” and in the words of me “Take no shit, do you boo”. New Year, new me? More like New Year, same but more self improved me. 

6. Skin care

I’m so bad at taking care of myself and my body yet I complain all the time about how I terrible my skin is. My goal this year is to keep up with my skin care routine, like doing a face mask once a week and actually drinking more water. I also want to try Nip + Fab because they’re supposed to be amazing for teenage skin and these black heads need to go. 

7. Be more dedicated to this blog

I feel like I’ve been so lazy on here and haven’t updated much but I want to do more and write more. Obviously I have got my exams and they are important so updates are going to be scarce but after that I’ve got a long break to do more stuff and so I’ll have more to update you on.
Okay so those are my resolutions. 2016 was a pants year so I hope you’ve all had a wonderful few days into the new year and continue to enjoy 2017! If you want to keep in the loop follow my socials. Lots of love -K 


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