Last Day of High School 

Friday, 17th of June 2017. I’ve finished, that’s it high school is over! Those 5 years flow by so quickly, from first starting school being so scared to move up to a big school and only having a few friends to being in my final year stressing about GCSEs and prom.It was definitely a difficult day for everyone, whether they realised it or not. I think for me it was more difficult leaving the teachers that supported me and stuck by me for 5 years and being able to see my friends everyday and being surrounded by people I know everyday. I’m excited for future prospects, to go to college and meet new people who want to study the course and are interested in it. 

(K + L – February 2016)(The OG’s- March 2016)(Post 5SOS w/ Tal- May 2016) (ICT before Summer- July 2016) (Freedom Festival- September 2017) (Blood Brothers in York- November 2016)(New Years Party- 2017) (Minion Party- March 2017) (East Park on the Last Day- June 2017) 

The past 5 years been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. I mean when you look back at the petty arguments and how upset you got over the smallest things it seems so stupid, like I remember being in Year 7 and falling out with someone I thought was my best friend over a red pen,like how stupid is that? I’ve grown so much as person while being at that school, I’ve gone from being the shy kid who sat at the back of the class to someone who’s secure with themselves and knows what they want and don’t want from life. I have experienced being surrounded by people who just put you down and just aren’t about what you’re about and I’ve got rid of the toxic people in my life and gained people that love and support me.

I also have to give a major shout out to the teachers who made sure I got through my GCSES without a complete meltdown and reassuring me that I would be able to make it. Though there were a few subjects that I definitely wish I could avoid, there were also subjects that I loved and that was because of the teachers. So I want to thank them putting in an effort to make the lessons enjoyable and looking out for me, making sure I understood what I needed to do and was confident going into my exams. I cannot express how thankful I am for everything they’ve done for me, and I hope they know I appreciate them. 

(RE – around March 2016) 

For everyone still in high school, my only advice is don’t stress out to much or be afraid to be yourself! Take a break and just enjoy the moments because before you know it, it’ll all be over and you’ll be moving on to the next stage of your life. 

Also I know your teachers make out as if your exams are the be all or end all but they’re not, you’ll get into college and you’ll have a life just do your best! That’s all you can do, that’s all they can ask for and whatever happens at the end of it know that you’ve done all you can do and that you should be proud of yourself because those grades do not define who you are! 

And if you are stressing out of feel like you need someone to talk to, please find someone, your teachers are there to help you and so are your friends don’t let it all build up and get to much for you! Please be aware that there are many forms of help like  anti- bullying and Mind which helps with mental health support. Your heads of year, your form tutors, in my school there was a school nurse and teachers specifically there to talk to if you felt you needed too. Please just make sure your mental health is a priority and if you see someone who’s been looking sad and is not being themselves, check in on them especially during exam time.

Finally, thank you to all the people who have come in and out of my life all I want  for you is love, happiness and success. We all made it through 5 years of what we all at some point considered the worst years of our lives and stripping as our only option, I’m kidding…..Only slightly. We’ve done it! 2012- 2017! 

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