12 Fav Instagram Accounts 

Hey! I don’t know if it’s just more or if you’ve all been Instagram obsessed lately? We all love a good scroll every now and then, to check what our favourite celebs have been up to and give our friends some moral on their pics but lately the temptation to both check and post regularly on the gram has got the best of me. Here are a few of my favourite Instagram pages, you should check them out. 


Krystal Rodriguez, works for The Book Agency

I found Krystal through Lottie Tomlinson and Lou Teasdale. I fell in love with her Instagram this year, she has he most colourful Instagram I’ve seen in a while full of vacation pictures from her wedding and her time abroad. She’s honestly just one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen, not just in looks but as she presents herself on the gram she seems to be fun- loving and care free which are traits I admire and look up too. I believe she’s some sort of manager or runs the the Book Chanel as a business women, they have an Instagram page (@beautymeetsvideo) which works with Makeup artists within the UK. 

Website: www.iamzodrilla.com/

Danielle Peazer. Blogger, YouTuber and dancer. 

I must’ve followed Danielle Peazer back in 2012/13ish time and I’ve kind of sporadically kept up to date with her over the years through both Twitter And Instagram. Her insta is very travel and fitness based which I adore because she’s always giving advice on skincare routines, fitness ideas, fitness clothing brands and stuff like that which I enjoy popping up on my time line every now and then.

Blog: IDLE Lane

YouTube: Danielle Peazer 


She’s an artist and designer.

Alien Creature popped up on my discover in around 2015 and I’ve been obsessed ever since! She has the most amazing theme on her Instagram, it’s so aesthetically pleasing in an artsy way and I love it. Her Instagram mostly consists of her own art, plants, indie clothing and the books she’s reading so if you’re down for that hit her up with a follow. She collabed with a website called Odd Molly and they sell all sorts of clothes from dresses to tops as well as interior things like duvets and art, she’s made drawing pads that are available on the website.

Website: OddMolly


Shay Mitchell. Dancer, blogger,model and actress. 

If you didn’t know Shay Mitchell plays Emily Fields on the CBS show Pretty Little Liars which is probably what she’s best known for. Shays Instagram is always filled with travel pics, pizza, work and fashion ideas, inspirational quotes and pizza….Did I mention that twice? She’s such a free- spirit and you can tell just be scrolling through her feed, she’s all about the different experiences. Besides being in PLL, she’s stared in Mothers Day and also has a YouTube channel and a blog with her bestie Michaela. 

YouTube: Shay Mitchell 

Blog: Shaymitchblog

Website: Amoreandvita


Nyané Lebajao a model, blogger and designer based in Germany. 

 Nyané’s Instagram is always slaying, she’s got that quite feminine girly yet chic style that everyone adores. Recently she’s opened up her own website which relates to a lot of the style she posts on Instagram, her hair is a big thing on insta and she’s been changing the colours quite a lot and not sticking to the pink theme that she had going for a while but venturing to purple, turquoise and cranberry which has been quite interesting. 

Website: Nyane.co


Danielle Bernstein, beauty blogger and designer.

Danielle is a fashion icon in my eyes, she always has the latest trends and this cool New York style that I envy so much! She kind of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in The City,  wearing designer clothes and being smart and respectable. Danielle also just released a new collection of her second skin overalls, that are to die for. 

Website: secondskinoveralls.com 

Blog: WeWoreWhat


Kara Rose Marshall, model from Hull currently based in London.

Kara Rose Marshall Instagram is so indie, which is probably why I fell in love with her. Her style is a mixture of modern chic and the indie which is very Londony but also a mix of leather jackets, flared jeans, band- tees which is all very rock n roll 90’s era and I just want to be best friends so I can raid her wardrobe. 


Orion Carloto, writer, poet and YouTuber.

I’ve only recently got into Orion’s Instagram through my friend liking a friend of hers (Wesley Tucker). She’s got one of those nice to look at white and nude themes that are quite artsy and clean but it relates a lot to her poetry. If you’re a secret poetry nerd like me, then use definitely check her Instagram out of her website.

Website: Orion Carloto 

YouTube: Orion Carloto 


Ash Soto, beauty influencer on Instagram and body artist.

Ash is such a beautiful person, I read an article someone posted about her and basically at 12 she got a rare skin condition called vitiligo where you get white patches of discolouration on the skin. At a young age, that probably wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with and kids are mean so she must’ve been through a lot as a kid but as an adult she’s managed to transfer her energy into something good and is regularly on Instagram talking about body positivity and highlighting the fact that you can be beautiful no matter your body type or appearance. 


Tiger Lily, Australian DJ and influencer

Tiger is a DJ, who travels around different places in Australia to play her music in nigh clubs. She also regularly updates on her fitness regime and posts helpful advice and meal ideas for Vegans on her page. 


Justine Biticon. Model and influencer. 

I found Justine on Twitter just after she got signed to Ford Models and she’s one of the most happy go lucky people but she’s also kind of Twitter geeky.


Felecity Hayward ‘plus-sized’ model and designer. 

Felecity Hayward is a a beautiful beautiful person, who is also a model with Milk Management. Her Instagram mainly consists of the adventures her modelling life brings to her and where she gets to travel and the different types of photo shoots she gets to do. She’s also brought out a body posi range of T’s called Self Love Brings Beauty. (insta: @self.loves.brings.beauty)

Website: SelfLoveBringsBeauty


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