Saturday With The Gals

​If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that a few weekends ago me and a couple friends did the ceremonial burning of the books and revision we used throughout the year. 

It was just me and about 5 other friends sat in someone’s back garden reminiscing over the final years of school, the good, the band and all the weird mixed emotions in between.  We spent majority of the night just talking and sharing memories while burning away the books that got us through our GCSEs and essentially all the knowledge that we learned in the two years leading up to the exams. 

The outfit I was wearing was stylish yet casual enough for a one off night with my friends. The top was a one off charity shop buys that I got my mom to crop and hem to give it that 90’s look. You can get cropped shirts with cool prints/strips like mine at Chinese Laundry, they’ve got two shops that I know of one based in Hull and the other in York so if you were thinking of purchasing a cropped shirt, I’d suggest them or other vintage shops on your area. Chinese Laundry have a website as well so if you want to see what else they’ve got going on here’s the link ( The jeans I think I’ve mentioned in another blog post were Riley jeans from Matalan that I cut myself, but were originally inspired by Caitlin Heath on Instagram (caitlinheathxo) who bought a pair of already ripped jeans from Missguided, so if you don’t want to rip them yourself you can get them from there. 

Shirt: |Jeans: Matalan|Fishnets: Primark| Shoes: Chelsea Boots| Sunnies: Primark| 


Sunday Morning 

Don’t you hate walking home early on Sunday mornings? You know those  morning after the night before kinda days where you should really be tucked up in bed trying to cure your hangover.

I wore this a couple of weeks ago on my walk home from a house party. I like this outfit because it’s stylish and edgy but comfy aswell. For this outfit  I’m wearing an old over sized ‘Washington’ hoodie, ripped jeans, a red leather jacket, some black boots and a I wore checkered T underneath.

Boots: Primark

Jeans: I cut these myself they’re Boyfriend jeans from Matalan. (You can get a pair similar already cut on Missguided)

Leather Jacket: George Asda

Hoodie: GHBAN Leather jackets always give me a 1950’s punk rock, bikers vibe, though they always seem to make revivals in fashion. I think leather jackets can really give any outfit a more edgy and fashionable tone. Leathers are staple peices in fashion.

See, I knew I’d be leaving the house looking like a hot mess so…..I made that if anyone saw me at least my outfit would look cool.

As you can see I made a McDonalds stop on the way home! Anyway, follow my socials to keep in the loop. (Halloween update on Monday)