Saturday With The Gals

​If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that a few weekends ago me and a couple friends did the ceremonial burning of the books and revision we used throughout the year. 

It was just me and about 5 other friends sat in someone’s back garden reminiscing over the final years of school, the good, the band and all the weird mixed emotions in between.  We spent majority of the night just talking and sharing memories while burning away the books that got us through our GCSEs and essentially all the knowledge that we learned in the two years leading up to the exams. 

The outfit I was wearing was stylish yet casual enough for a one off night with my friends. The top was a one off charity shop buys that I got my mom to crop and hem to give it that 90’s look. You can get cropped shirts with cool prints/strips like mine at Chinese Laundry, they’ve got two shops that I know of one based in Hull and the other in York so if you were thinking of purchasing a cropped shirt, I’d suggest them or other vintage shops on your area. Chinese Laundry have a website as well so if you want to see what else they’ve got going on here’s the link ( The jeans I think I’ve mentioned in another blog post were Riley jeans from Matalan that I cut myself, but were originally inspired by Caitlin Heath on Instagram (caitlinheathxo) who bought a pair of already ripped jeans from Missguided, so if you don’t want to rip them yourself you can get them from there. 

Shirt: |Jeans: Matalan|Fishnets: Primark| Shoes: Chelsea Boots| Sunnies: Primark| 


12 Fav Instagram Accounts 

Hey! I don’t know if it’s just more or if you’ve all been Instagram obsessed lately? We all love a good scroll every now and then, to check what our favourite celebs have been up to and give our friends some moral on their pics but lately the temptation to both check and post regularly on the gram has got the best of me. Here are a few of my favourite Instagram pages, you should check them out. 


Krystal Rodriguez, works for The Book Agency

I found Krystal through Lottie Tomlinson and Lou Teasdale. I fell in love with her Instagram this year, she has he most colourful Instagram I’ve seen in a while full of vacation pictures from her wedding and her time abroad. She’s honestly just one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen, not just in looks but as she presents herself on the gram she seems to be fun- loving and care free which are traits I admire and look up too. I believe she’s some sort of manager or runs the the Book Chanel as a business women, they have an Instagram page (@beautymeetsvideo) which works with Makeup artists within the UK. 


Danielle Peazer. Blogger, YouTuber and dancer. 

I must’ve followed Danielle Peazer back in 2012/13ish time and I’ve kind of sporadically kept up to date with her over the years through both Twitter And Instagram. Her insta is very travel and fitness based which I adore because she’s always giving advice on skincare routines, fitness ideas, fitness clothing brands and stuff like that which I enjoy popping up on my time line every now and then.

Blog: IDLE Lane

YouTube: Danielle Peazer 


She’s an artist and designer.

Alien Creature popped up on my discover in around 2015 and I’ve been obsessed ever since! She has the most amazing theme on her Instagram, it’s so aesthetically pleasing in an artsy way and I love it. Her Instagram mostly consists of her own art, plants, indie clothing and the books she’s reading so if you’re down for that hit her up with a follow. She collabed with a website called Odd Molly and they sell all sorts of clothes from dresses to tops as well as interior things like duvets and art, she’s made drawing pads that are available on the website.

Website: OddMolly


Shay Mitchell. Dancer, blogger,model and actress. 

If you didn’t know Shay Mitchell plays Emily Fields on the CBS show Pretty Little Liars which is probably what she’s best known for. Shays Instagram is always filled with travel pics, pizza, work and fashion ideas, inspirational quotes and pizza….Did I mention that twice? She’s such a free- spirit and you can tell just be scrolling through her feed, she’s all about the different experiences. Besides being in PLL, she’s stared in Mothers Day and also has a YouTube channel and a blog with her bestie Michaela. 

YouTube: Shay Mitchell 

Blog: Shaymitchblog

Website: Amoreandvita


Nyané Lebajao a model, blogger and designer based in Germany. 

 Nyané’s Instagram is always slaying, she’s got that quite feminine girly yet chic style that everyone adores. Recently she’s opened up her own website which relates to a lot of the style she posts on Instagram, her hair is a big thing on insta and she’s been changing the colours quite a lot and not sticking to the pink theme that she had going for a while but venturing to purple, turquoise and cranberry which has been quite interesting. 



Danielle Bernstein, beauty blogger and designer.

Danielle is a fashion icon in my eyes, she always has the latest trends and this cool New York style that I envy so much! She kind of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in The City,  wearing designer clothes and being smart and respectable. Danielle also just released a new collection of her second skin overalls, that are to die for. 


Blog: WeWoreWhat


Kara Rose Marshall, model from Hull currently based in London.

Kara Rose Marshall Instagram is so indie, which is probably why I fell in love with her. Her style is a mixture of modern chic and the indie which is very Londony but also a mix of leather jackets, flared jeans, band- tees which is all very rock n roll 90’s era and I just want to be best friends so I can raid her wardrobe. 


Orion Carloto, writer, poet and YouTuber.

I’ve only recently got into Orion’s Instagram through my friend liking a friend of hers (Wesley Tucker). She’s got one of those nice to look at white and nude themes that are quite artsy and clean but it relates a lot to her poetry. If you’re a secret poetry nerd like me, then use definitely check her Instagram out of her website.

Website: Orion Carloto 

YouTube: Orion Carloto 


Ash Soto, beauty influencer on Instagram and body artist.

Ash is such a beautiful person, I read an article someone posted about her and basically at 12 she got a rare skin condition called vitiligo where you get white patches of discolouration on the skin. At a young age, that probably wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with and kids are mean so she must’ve been through a lot as a kid but as an adult she’s managed to transfer her energy into something good and is regularly on Instagram talking about body positivity and highlighting the fact that you can be beautiful no matter your body type or appearance. 


Tiger Lily, Australian DJ and influencer

Tiger is a DJ, who travels around different places in Australia to play her music in nigh clubs. She also regularly updates on her fitness regime and posts helpful advice and meal ideas for Vegans on her page. 


Justine Biticon. Model and influencer. 

I found Justine on Twitter just after she got signed to Ford Models and she’s one of the most happy go lucky people but she’s also kind of Twitter geeky.


Felecity Hayward ‘plus-sized’ model and designer. 

Felecity Hayward is a a beautiful beautiful person, who is also a model with Milk Management. Her Instagram mainly consists of the adventures her modelling life brings to her and where she gets to travel and the different types of photo shoots she gets to do. She’s also brought out a body posi range of T’s called Self Love Brings Beauty. (insta:

Website: SelfLoveBringsBeauty

Summer Time Ball 

Hey, guys I’m back and will be updating more regularly! I’ve got a few pre-written blog posts that I’m going to post so keep your eyes peeled! Here’s the first one from the 10th of June where I attended Summer Time Ball at Wembley Stadium. 
So this Saturday was Capitals Summer Time Ball with Vodafone, which was the perfect break between my first and second set of exams. I’ve been to Summer Time Ball 3 years in a row, this being my 3rd year and Capital never disappoints! 

This year it was just two of us who managed to make our way up to London on coach to see all the amazing acts that Vodafone and Capital were able to get lined up to perform this year. The headliner being Bruno Mars, who was incredible and performed songs from his new album 24k Magic and a few old songs like ‘When Was Your Man’! He was insane and definitely got the crowd hyped with his jazzy shoulder pops and his energy. There were so many amazing performers like Shawn Mendes, Stormzy, Zara Larsson, Little Mix, Rag ‘n Bone Man and Liam Payne just to name a few. I have to say my favourite act had to be Dua Lipa, she has a way of holding people and her songs are fun to dance too. 

Concerts for me have always been a safe haven, a place where you go to have fun and see your favourite acts perform and be surrounded by people who are there for the exact same reason. Anyone who knows me, knows that I live for concerts just the environment of concerts and the excitement of going to see someone you’ve supported live it just brings so much light and happiness to my life. And enlight of recent events in both London and Manchester, the people at Capital dedicated it to both those attacks and the people affected by them. I have to say that this year the security really stepped up, with the scanners and pat downs and checking people’s bags as well as the police patrolling as people left the stadium to ensure everyone was safe. 

(Photo cred: elliemaeewalker) 

|Top: Viva| Skirt: Zara | Fishnets: Primark|Shoes: Converse| Bag: Primark| 

Overall the Saturday was amazing and you can watch all of the acts on the Capital Website or on their SUMMERTIME BALL 2017 Playlist. To anyone who wants to go to a festival or something with different acts I recommend Summer Time Ball next year! Make sure to go onto the Capital Website and sign up to pre-sale to have a better chance at getting tickets next year. 

Last Day of High School 

Friday, 17th of June 2017. I’ve finished, that’s it high school is over! Those 5 years flow by so quickly, from first starting school being so scared to move up to a big school and only having a few friends to being in my final year stressing about GCSEs and prom.It was definitely a difficult day for everyone, whether they realised it or not. I think for me it was more difficult leaving the teachers that supported me and stuck by me for 5 years and being able to see my friends everyday and being surrounded by people I know everyday. I’m excited for future prospects, to go to college and meet new people who want to study the course and are interested in it. 

(K + L – February 2016)(The OG’s- March 2016)(Post 5SOS w/ Tal- May 2016) (ICT before Summer- July 2016) (Freedom Festival- September 2017) (Blood Brothers in York- November 2016)(New Years Party- 2017) (Minion Party- March 2017) (East Park on the Last Day- June 2017) 

The past 5 years been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. I mean when you look back at the petty arguments and how upset you got over the smallest things it seems so stupid, like I remember being in Year 7 and falling out with someone I thought was my best friend over a red pen,like how stupid is that? I’ve grown so much as person while being at that school, I’ve gone from being the shy kid who sat at the back of the class to someone who’s secure with themselves and knows what they want and don’t want from life. I have experienced being surrounded by people who just put you down and just aren’t about what you’re about and I’ve got rid of the toxic people in my life and gained people that love and support me.

I also have to give a major shout out to the teachers who made sure I got through my GCSES without a complete meltdown and reassuring me that I would be able to make it. Though there were a few subjects that I definitely wish I could avoid, there were also subjects that I loved and that was because of the teachers. So I want to thank them putting in an effort to make the lessons enjoyable and looking out for me, making sure I understood what I needed to do and was confident going into my exams. I cannot express how thankful I am for everything they’ve done for me, and I hope they know I appreciate them. 

(RE – around March 2016) 

For everyone still in high school, my only advice is don’t stress out to much or be afraid to be yourself! Take a break and just enjoy the moments because before you know it, it’ll all be over and you’ll be moving on to the next stage of your life. 

Also I know your teachers make out as if your exams are the be all or end all but they’re not, you’ll get into college and you’ll have a life just do your best! That’s all you can do, that’s all they can ask for and whatever happens at the end of it know that you’ve done all you can do and that you should be proud of yourself because those grades do not define who you are! 

And if you are stressing out of feel like you need someone to talk to, please find someone, your teachers are there to help you and so are your friends don’t let it all build up and get to much for you! Please be aware that there are many forms of help like  anti- bullying and Mind which helps with mental health support. Your heads of year, your form tutors, in my school there was a school nurse and teachers specifically there to talk to if you felt you needed too. Please just make sure your mental health is a priority and if you see someone who’s been looking sad and is not being themselves, check in on them especially during exam time.

Finally, thank you to all the people who have come in and out of my life all I want  for you is love, happiness and success. We all made it through 5 years of what we all at some point considered the worst years of our lives and stripping as our only option, I’m kidding…..Only slightly. We’ve done it! 2012- 2017! 

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New Years Resolutions.

Hey,first blogpost of 2017! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I feel like having New Years resolution is so overrated but I do it every year without avail. The thing about New Years resolutions is that you forget half the list of things you eanted to accomplish half way through the year, or at least I do and then you haven’t exactly done what you set out to do. This year I’m planning on sticking to them and working hard to keep up with everything ( definitely don’t say that every year) and I feel like writing a blog post about what I want to do will help with mainting it.

1. Spend less money 

Okay, first on my New Years resolutions list is to spend less money on useless things. I basically spent the whole of last year forking out cash on things I didn’t really need or use which was a waste, most of my money actually went on food when I could’ve ate at home and saved a £5 to put to something work while.

2. Do more stuff with the girls

Last year, I went through a difficult time and had to switch up friendship groups because my old friends just weren’t what I needed in my life anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them and we still talk they just weren’t the right people for me. The people I’m friends with now are so supportive of each other, we all look out for one another and respect each other which I think is important. So my goal this year is to do more things with them like cute little movie nights every so often or going out for a cheeky Nandos just to keep all together.

3. Eat Healtheir and go to the gym

I know, I know this is everyone’s resolution but I’m giving it a whirl. This isn’t like “I’m never going to eat McDonald’s again” because that would be a crime, I basically fund the franchise. This is just eating healthier meals more often then I did last year and still having the occasional unhealthy meals. Going to gym is also something I want to give a try,but I’m going to work at my own pace and do my own thing otherwise I know I’m going to hate it and that’s not what I want. Who knows I might take a liking to gym time?  

4.Be more organised 

Anyone who knows me knows I’m the biggest procrastinator, I lave things till the very last minute and then get a stress on because everything piles on. This is my GCSE year, I need to get my head on straight and knuckle down because if I don’t exam results day isn’t going to be fun. 4 months isn’t long when you think about it, time flies when you’re walking towards the pits of tons of exam papers, no sleep and tears of despair. At least if I’m organised, my life won’t seem as messy and I’ll be able to do get things I need done and have fun.

5. Go on more trips

2016 was boring for me, I had this idea that I was going to do so much more and it never happens so this year I actually want to do stuff like go to concerts or spend days out in different areas of the UK. I absolutely hate staying in one place, it bores me. The four main things I want to do is to go to see more people in concert because I love concerts and live music so much . To go to festivals, something I’ve been dying to do for ages and just haven’t been able to but I’m hoping this year I will- Also have you seen the line up for Coachella it looks sick. Why wasn’t I born rich and in LA?I want to spend a week in London or Newquay with a few friends after my exams are done and during the summer before college starts. And the last is jsut little trips to like Blackpool Pleasre Beach, Doncaster Dome, shopping in Leeds and stuff like that. I think Hull is stepping up its game a little bit here with the City Of Culture thing.

5. Love yourself 

I think I need to focus more on myself this year and do things that will make me happy rather than doing what everyone else is doing. Like make time for your friends and family but have a little me time too. Sleep in,don’t change out of your pyjamas for three days.Me times, good time. The whole “new year, new me” thing has never really appealed to me. I’ve seen a lot of “this is Year of self love” on my Twitter and I 100% agree. All I’m going to say is be you and love you. I’m going to do more for myself to make this year better. Who cares what other people think? In the words of Labrinth “Express yourself” and in the words of me “Take no shit, do you boo”. New Year, new me? More like New Year, same but more self improved me. 

6. Skin care

I’m so bad at taking care of myself and my body yet I complain all the time about how I terrible my skin is. My goal this year is to keep up with my skin care routine, like doing a face mask once a week and actually drinking more water. I also want to try Nip + Fab because they’re supposed to be amazing for teenage skin and these black heads need to go. 

7. Be more dedicated to this blog

I feel like I’ve been so lazy on here and haven’t updated much but I want to do more and write more. Obviously I have got my exams and they are important so updates are going to be scarce but after that I’ve got a long break to do more stuff and so I’ll have more to update you on.
Okay so those are my resolutions. 2016 was a pants year so I hope you’ve all had a wonderful few days into the new year and continue to enjoy 2017! If you want to keep in the loop follow my socials. Lots of love -K 

Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2016

Victoria Secrets Fashion Show is something that I look forward to seeing every year and so I decided to do an article of some of the looks that I loved from this season. I haven’t decided yet but I think I’ll be doing the after party runway looks too.  

I love seeing all the models getting their wings and their outfits; watching the process videos on how they came up with the looks for each season and why the chose to do the runway in the city they did it in. One of my goals is to be able to actually see the VSFS show in real life, it’s be amazing! 

Here are my three favourite looks from each section of the VS Runway from this year: 

Mountain Romance 

Sui He


Megan Williams 

Leomie Anderson 


Zuri Tiby

Luma Grothe 

Lamenka Fox

The Road Ahead 

Elsa Hosk

Kendall Jenner

Joan Smalls

Secret Angel 

 Adriana Lima 

Irina Shayk 

Georgia Fowler 

Bright Night Angel

Jasmine tookes 

Josephine Skriver 

Lily Donaldson

Dark Angel

Gigi Hadid 

Taylor Hill

Joan Smalls

To The People of Aleppo 

I know I don’t usually write things like this on my blog but this is something that needs to be talked about and people need to be made aware. I wrote this before the evacuation and ceasefire were announced but I believe that 1) it is still relevant and 2) I have been lead to believe that the ceasefire has not worked and the people of Aleppo are still under attack. 

//Please correct me if I have got any of the information wrong or have left anything out.//

Right now in Syria, Aleppo there is a genocide and nothing has being said. There are innocent children being burned alive and killed in the streets, after fighting for so long just to survive. There are women killings themselves in fear of being raped and attacked by their captors. There are men being brutally massacred and conscripted into these regime armies to do the unthinkable. Yet there was little to no media covering the events, nothing to raise awareness for the people who have been suffering in torment for far to long.

 There are air strikes, attacks, there are videos of people saying their goodbyes. I feel helpless and paralazyed because I can’t help them, they are trapped and no one is doing anything. I realise these things need to be debated and thought out to ensure peoples safety but I feel like this could’ve been prevented and thousands of lives could have been saved.

Aleppo used to be such a beautiful place full of life and energy, I looked at a few photos on the internet but because of this war things have been destroyed. The beautiful cultural and historic buildings and architecture have been ruined by this war.

I can’t even begin to picture putting myself in that situation, growing up living in a war zone, having to fight for the right to stay alive. Loosing your loved ones and having to fend for yourself. No one wants, no one deserves that! This defies all fundamental human rights. 

Just Because It’s Not Happening Here Doesn’t Mean Its Not Happening‬.
There is a difference between living and surviving and that’s what the people in Aleppo are doing, surviving. And we are collectively ignoring their pleas for help when we can do something. 

To the people of Aleppo, I am sorry for what’s happening to you right now and for what had happened. I am sorry that you have lost family members, friends and loved ones in a war you did not choose. I’m sorry you for the children been brought into a world of fear and terror. I’m sorry so little has been done to help. I’m sorry the media has not shed light on the crisis in your country, in your homes. 

Here are a list of just a few charities that you can donate too: 

Save The Children: Link 

Doctors Without Borders: Link

British Red Cross: Link

The White Helmets: Link 

Hand in Hand For Syria: Link

Ummah Welfare: Link 

UOSSSm (Union Of Medical Care And Relief Organisation.) : Link


To the people of Apello, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. 

My Favourite Magazine Covers of 2016.

From Michelle Obama to Harry Styles here are just a few of my favourite Magazine covers of 2016. 

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Kylie Jenner for Complex Magazine.Shay Mitchell for Cosmoplitan.Taylor Hill, Sara Sampino, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Jasmine Tookes, Elsa Hosk and Romee Strijd for Vogue Spain. Naomi Campbell for Paper Magazine. Cara Delevinge for W Magazine.Candice Swanepoel for Elle South Africa.Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Vogue Thailand. Harry Styles for Another Man. Zayn Malik for Paper Magazine.Eddie Redmayne for British GQ.Billy Brown,Alfred Enoch, Aja Naomi King  for Essence Magazine.Selena Gomez for Marie Claire. Zendaya for Cosmopolitan.Michelle Obama for Vogue. Jaden & Willow Smith for The Interview.Adriana Lime for Garage.Priyanka Chopra for Elle.Lupita Nyong’o for Vogue.David Bowie for Rolling Stones. Abel Testfaye better known as The Weeknd for The Guardian.  

Birthday Meal.

Recently,I turned 16-Woo! And to celebrate being legal…. to buy a lottery ticket God guys come on. I decided to invite a few friends to go for a meal the Saturday just been. 

Outfit details bellow. 

I decided to go with something a bit dressy and stylish for Nandos. The top I’m wearing is actually a jumpsuit from boohoo that I wore near the begging of the year, I just pulled a pair of jeans on over it and made it look like a top/bodysuit and no one suspected anything in fact I got quite a few compliments.

 The cardigan I borrowed from mom because it was sparkly and matched the outfit, the only downside to the borrowed cardigan was being told I looked like Harry Potter wearing the invisible cloak…..And even that wasn’t a downside, who wouldn’t want to be Harry Potter in an invisible cloak? 

Top/Jumpsuit: Boohoo 

Jeans: Primark

Caridigain: Asda George 

Favourite AMA Looks

Since I don’t really have much to update you on, I decided that I’d write a piece on my favourite red carpet looks from the AMAs and why I like them. 

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Ariana Grande: I.D. Sarrieri

Ariana’s simple black bralette and white trouser outfit was amazing. I love Ariana’s style anyway but I really loved this outfit and the one she wore when performing Side to Side with Nicki. She slayed that outfit, like she slayed her performance. 

Julianne Hough: Zuhair Murhad 

This outfit is so fashionable just the way that it’s so fitted  and shows off her Julianne’s curves beautifully. The colour really brought out her eyes as well, she looked stunning. 

Fifth Harmony: (Camilla Jason Rembert) 

The Fifth Harmony girls slayed the red carpet! I think that Lauren and Camillas were my favourites. Camillas because it was really simple with the leg slit but still managed to look hot. Lauren’s dress, the double leg slit and the way the top of the dress is designed looked really chic and just really fits with her general style. Really, all the girls looked amazing. 

Selena Gomez: Prada 

Selenas Prada dress looked so amazing, it was simple but elegant and really suited her well. I’ve always loved Selena’d carpet looks and was a bit sad when I heard she wasn’t going to the Amas (though I completely understood her reasoning for it) but she showed up and looked like a princess in her scarlet ball gown.

Haliee Steinfield: Elie Saab

Haliee’s romper, I think was definitely in the 2 of my favourite outfits from this red carpet. I’ve never heard of Elie Saab but I really love the romper, it’s something I’d definetly wear on a like a night out or to an event. It’s so stylish and Haliee looked wonderful.

Hannah Jeter: Zuhair Murad

Okay, this was my favourite look on the Amas carpet. The dress has insane details and even though you can see the black underwear underneath, which I know was intended it looks sophisticated and tasteful. It’s a stunning outfit and Hannah looked immense in it.

Chrissy Teigen: Yousef Akbar

I think I’m just in love with leg slits, Chrissy’s were hella high up and damn did she look incredible in the dress- when doesn’t she look incredible? This dress was another simple dress but she made it suave with the jewellery and the heels. 

Anyway these were just a few of my favourite outfits. To keep in the loop follow my socials! -K